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1 Bar - $5

3 Bars or more - $4.50 ea 


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Our handcrafted bar soap is formulated for sensitive / compromised skin using the best ingredients. Our soap offers great lather with a light scent. Our bars weigh approximately 4.5 oz per bar. 


We do not use fragrance oils in our formulation. We only use essential oils for scenting our soap. This makes for a lighter scent. Because essential oils are volatile organic compounds, the scent may not remain on the skin long term. (The scent may also fade as soap is stored.) We understand many people like strong scented soap with a long lasting fragrance. There are many great companies out there offering such soap. We use essential oils only to accomodate sensitive / compromised skin that may react to frangrance oil.


We also do not use palm oil. We understand that palm oil is a very inexpensive ingredient that allows many other soapmakers the ability to offer their soap at cheaper prices. While we would like to use palm oil to save on cost, we don't because it is a controversial ingredient that may or may not solicit a reaction when used by the most sensitive skin types. 


We do use sodium hydroxide (aka Lye) which saponifies the oils and is essential to making soap. Sodium hydroxide is not listed in the ingredients because once the saponification process is complete, there is no longer lye present in the soap. 


Ingredients on the soap itself are the most current and complete description of ingredients. 

Handcrafted Bar Soap

  • organic unrefined coconut oil, grapefruit seed oil, kokum butter, shea butter, castor oil, beeswax, essential oils, salt, sugar, bentonite clay

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